Losing Stomach Fat

So each year you say “This is it, I’m gonna do it this time” and you put into action your master plan for losing stomach fat. But where did the plan come from? Did you just make it up by combining a bunch of stuff you’ve seen or heard? If you want to lose stomach fat quickly, you will need to follow two very important steps which will dramatically increase your success to losing stomach fat.

#1  Change Eating Habits

The very first step for you to take is change how you eat. Look at what you normally eat. Do you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods? These are two big enemies when losing stomach fat is your goal.

True story

losing stomach fat

You will want to work fruits and vegetables into your diet on a regular basis. Awhile back I did a 3 day detox diet which took off 9 lbs and I could definitely see a difference in the size of my stomach.

Now I knew once I started eating regular food again, I was bound to gain weight back since a lot of the fruit detox plan consisted of citrus fruits which have a high water content. Much to my surprise, weeks later I had only gained a couple pounds back because I continued to eat fruit a few times during the day which allowed me to keep most of the weight off.

Decreasing sugar is key if you want to lose stomach fat quickly. For some, it may not be a difficult task, but for others who are addicted to sugar (myself included), it can be incredibly hard to follow this advice. But if losing stomach fat is what you really want to accomplish, then you must do this. Once you start making these food changes, you will see first hand the importance it plays in how to lose stomach fat.

#2  Follow a Regular Routine

regular routine

Step number two is to get yourself into a regular workout routine. This doesn’t mean you decide to work out 3 times a week, go 3 days in a row, then take the rest of the week off, or you workout when you can squeeze it in.

You need to dedicate time for your workouts by having a schedule which includes both weight training and cardiovascular exercise.

Not sure what to do?

If you are unsure how to do this, you may want to look into hiring a trainer. A lot of gyms have staff dedicated to personal training. Once you meet with one, you will be able to tell them what your goal is (losing stomach fat) and your timeframe (what results you want to see when) so they can put together a specific workout plan to get you there. Often trainers are able to assist with nutrition too, and depending on your trainer, they may even be able to create a meal plan for you.

By having a trainer, not only are you getting an individualized plan, but you will also be given a schedule which will help you stick to it for those days when you may be thinking about skipping your workout. Plus you will have a live resource who can answer any questions you may have on losing stomach fat.

walk to lose weight

Once you get going and have a routine, you may find you don’t need the trainer and you can do your own thing. Just be sure you can be disciplined enough to continue working out.

Another option may be to find a workout partner. Not only will this benefit you both by keeping you motivated, but may make the workout more enjoyable if you are not doing it alone. Also I have found that by having a workout partner, you tend to push each other and end up getting a better workout.

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